Driveway Care Booklet

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Driveway Care Booklet
Actual size
5 ½” x 8 ½”

How many times have you answered, “How long should I stay off my new driveway?” “Why does my parking lot show tire marks?” Why are there cracks on the edges?” “When can the driveway be sealed?”

These are just a few of the many questions that can cost you time and money on the telephone or necessitate returning to the job site.

Asphalt Press has the solution for you! Now you can answer all your customer’s questions before they ask by just giving each customer a copy of our booklet. “Your New Driveway“.

This 12 page color booklet explains the nature of blacktop, it’s proper care, and gives tips to avoiding problems later on. Everything from blacktop curing, care in hot weather, kickstands, heavy trucks and even soap suds reaction to city water is covered.

We are so sure you and your customers will be pleased with the driveway booklets that if you don’t like them for any reason, just send back any unused booklets within 30 days from receipt and a refund will be in the mail the same day! That’s our guarantee!

The minimum order is 25, and we offer discounts for large quantities. Brown Kraft Clasp envelopes are available for mailing to current or previous customers, and to keep booklets clean.

As you can see, the price of each booklet is so reasonable for each job you pave, you can’t lose! Just fill out the order form, mail/fax it back with your check or payment information or order online and your order will be processed and shipped UPS for fast delivery.


Quantity @ Price for Each = Your Price Quantity @ Price for Each = Your Price
25 @ 2.35 ea. = $58.75 200 @ 1.95 ea. = $390.00
50 @ 2.25 ea. = $112.50 300 @ 1.85 ea. = $555.00
100 @ 2.10 ea. = $210.00 400 @ 1.75 ea. = $700.00
150 @ 2.00 ea. = $300.00 500+ @ 1.65 ea. = $825.00

Brown Kraft Clasp Envelope

Brown Kraft Clasp Envelope

(@ 20c each)
Available for our Driveway Care Booklet so you can mail booklets to current or previous customers, and to keep booklets clean.